What are Ringless Voicemail Drops

We know ringless voicemail deposits voicemail messages without the phone ringing — but how does the technology for ringless voicemail drops work?

What are Ringless Voicemail Drops?

Ringless voicemail drops are voicemails that are left directly on someone’s mobile phone without the phone ever ringing. Ringless voicemail technology typically circumvents the user’s wireless network to leave a voicemail directly on the mobile voicemail server.

This is considered a “drop” since there is no need or opportunity to connect voice-to-voice with the recipient. Instead, the voicemail is “dropped” on their device to be consumed at a time convenient to them.

How are Ringless Voicemail Drops Used?

Ringless voicemail drops are used in outbound marketing campaigns to warm leads, as a drip campaign to stay in touch with existing clients or leads, or to spread information such as through political campaigns or initiatives.

Many marketers writing ringless voicemail campaigns will write their messages in a way that can be interpreted as “personal” without having to actually personalize each and every message This helps the message feel more like a genuine reach-out than a marketing message. It can be very effective in warming a lead or driving a CTA while still being able to send the voicemails en masse.

Some ringless voicemail drop campaigns, however, are more difficult to make feel personalized, such as ringless voicemail for political campaigns. These are more informational but are still well-received when they are brief, clear, and offer useful and important information.

How Effective are Ringless Voicemail Drops?

Ringless voicemail continues to have the highest open rates in the outbound marketing industry with over 92% of voicemails opened and listened to. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. RinRingless voicemail drops are non-disruptive. This means the sender is not trying to distract or battle for the attention of the recipient from work, family, driving, or other activities. Instead, the recipient can listen to the ringless voicemail when it is convenient for him or her.g
  2. They’re on a frequently-used device. 95% of Americans own a cellphone with 77% of those phones being smartphones. With these devices supporting not only calls and voicemails but also text messaging, email, chat/messaging, social media, file collaboration, and more, cellphones play an important role in users’ daily communication. This means when you send a voicemail message to someone, there’s a high likelihood that their mobile phone is somewhere close.
  3. The ringless voicemail drop market is not saturated. Many outbound marketing methods have so many different brands competing for attention that consumers have learned to simply tune them out. Ringless voicemail drops, don’t have mass competition with other brands. That means people are still opening, listening, and paying attention.

How to Choose a Ringless Voicemail Drop Provider

If you’re in the market for a ringless voicemail drop system, then there are many options to choose from. Since most ringless voicemail systems use similar technology, the differentiator is typically in ease of use with the dashboard, affordability, service, and reliability.

It can be beneficial to use a ringless voicemail company that offers a free demo or trial using free credits to test out the system. These demos should allow you to send real voicemail drops to real clients; not simply be a demonstration of how the software is used. Make sure you’re able to get into the dashboard system to test out the voicemail recording system, send a voicemail drop to your own phone to test audio quality and send technology, and then try it with a small list of contacts.

Look for a dashboard that is clear, simple, and easy to use. Make sure you’re comfortable and confident with the system. If it’s too complicated to use, you’re less likely to utilize it.

When looking at pricing, look for a low cost-per-send, as well as confirmation that you will only be charged for voicemail drops that are successfully sent.

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