Sample Ringless Voicemail Messages for Real Estate Agents

Creating an effective ringless voicemail campaign is a combination of sending the right message to the right list at the right time. Writing the perfect real estate message is usually the most difficult part of the preparation process.

The right message can be the difference between a successful campaign and a dud. In our experience, we’ve found a simple formula for writing a successful ringless voicemail message.

Introduction + Credibility Statement + Value Add + Call to Action = Great Message

For a high-impact ringless voicemail message, we recommend real estate agents include all four components from the formula:

  • Introduction – Who you are and what is the name of your company?
  • Credibility Statement – What establishes your authority in the industry or in the area?
  • Value Add – What benefit are you offering the listener?
  • Call to Action – What next step should the listener take?

Ringless Voicemail Message Samples for Real Estate Agents:

Below is a collection of sample ringless voicemail messages using the above formula.

Sample Message 1

Hi, this is Regan from First Choice Realty. Hey, I just sold a home in your area for more than the asking price. I’ve seen a lot of potential buyers in your area recently, and think your home might be a great fit. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, now might be a great time to do so. Give me a call and I’d be happy to pull some comps so we can explore some of the possibilities. My number is 753-555-2794. Thanks so much, and have a great day.

Sample Message 2

Hi, this is Jim from Regal Home Sales. I noticed you’re trying to sell your home on your own. I’ve been helping homeowners your neighborhood sell homes as a realtor for over seven years—I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or to see if there’s anything I can do to help make things go smoothly for you. Please feel free to give me a call anytime day or night. My number is 919-555-0523. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Sample Message 3

Hi, this is Carla from Home Again Realtors. I’m calling because we’ve been seeing a lot of buyer interest in your area. If you’ve been considering selling your home, now might be a great time to do so. If you’d like to talk numbers and see what we might be able to do together, give me a call! My number is 805-555-2470. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Sample Message 4

Hi, this is Mark from Nancy Morgan Realty. I know you don’t currently have your home listed, but the housing market in the area has been getting hotter in the area. If you’re interested in getting some comps just to see what prices are looking like or if you’d like occasional market updates via email, just give me a call or shoot me a quick text! My number is 512-555-8476. Again, that’s Mark from Nancy Morgan Realty, 512-555-8476. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much and have a great day!

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