8 Ways Ringless Voicemail can AMP UP Marketing

Ringless voicemail is becoming a popular automated marketing tool because of its high open rate, personal feel, affordability, and easy setup/send process.

While there are many creative ways to use ringless marketing to amp up your marketing, some of the most successful methods include warming cold or new lead lists, helping to guide leads down the sales funnel, and staying in contact with previous customers.

How Ringless Voicemail Can Amp Up Marketing

Ringless voicemail can be used to augment drip marketing efforts such as email, an SMS drip campaign, or direct mail. Ringless voicemail adds to these efforts, creating a personal, high-impact touch that can create fast and meaningful conversions.

Ringless voicemail is also an effective standalone marketing or sales technique, creating a uniquely personal connection that can convert into meetings, sales conversations, product demos, and more.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use ringless voicemail to amp up your marketing:

1. Warm a Cold List

One of the biggest challenges marketers have is finding a way to fill the pipeline with new prospects. While there are several online services offering new lead lists, these lists are cold and can take a lot of time and effort to warm into viable leads.

Ringless voicemail is one of our favorite ways to take a cold lead list and warm it. By using a well-targeted list, a strategic voicemail message, and a clear call to action, it can be simple and effective to turn these cold leads into a pipeline of warm leads.

2. Augment Existing Marketing Campaigns

Another one of our favorite ways to use ringless voicemail to amp up your marketing is by using it to augment existing marketing campaigns. Use it to follow up on a direct mail piece, a marketing email or special promotion, etc. Make sure to use a clear call to action, such as setting up a consultation, demo, test-drive, or a lunch meeting.

3. Maximize Conferences or Webinars

If you’ve put significant effort into hosting a webinar or attending a conference, ringless voicemail can help you make the most of your new contact list. Try sending a voicemail such as “Hi, this is John. We met last week at the ____________. I wanted to follow up and see if you had a few minutes this week to discuss ___________.”

4. Improve Customer Service

Although customer service isn’t always seen as marketing, we feel like it’s an important addition to your brand image and client retention. It can also be a great way to ask for the oh-so-important online reviews. We like to use ringless voicemail to follow up on online orders, follow up on service appointments, or to ask satisfied customers if they could take a minute to review us online.

5. Sell Add-On Services

While most people think of ringless voicemail marketing as a way to reach new leads, we love it as a way to sell to existing clients as well. One way ringless voicemail can amp up your current client marketing is to send reminders to schedule appointments (hair, auto service, massage, etc.). You can also make “personalized recommendations” for product upgrades, add-ons, or trade-ins.

6. Support a New Product Launch

Ringless voicemail can be an effective way to launch a new product not only to your existing clients, but to prospects and new lead lists as well. Use it as a way to let new clients know that there is an exciting new product on the market or let new targeted leads know you may have a new product that would interest them.

7. Guide Leads Down a Sales Funnel

Ringless voicemail is also effective in helping push marketing leads down a funnel. You can do this by offering a progression of calls to action, such as receiving an industry update via text or email, signing up for a product demo, setting up a sales meeting or in-person lunch, downloading an e-book or white-paper, or registering for a webinar.

8. Cultivate Existing Relationships

Ringless voicemail marketing is also effective as a tool to amp up your relationships with existing contacts. Schedule birthday wishes, holiday greetings, and occasional “just checking in” messages for your current clients.

Final Thoughts

Ringless voicemail is effective not only because you can send several automated messages at the click of a button, but also because—despite the automation—these messages typically feel personalized. It is this personalization, along with high open rates, and fast, timely send rates, that make ringless voicemail an effective tool to amp up your marketing strategy.

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