Unlimited Just Deliver It Reseller License

Resell unlimited Just Deliver It solutions at a simple, flat-rate yearly fee!

About the Just Deliver It Reseller Program

Just Deliver It offers a robust reseller program for professionals looking to bring Just Deliver It services to their clients. This reseller program allows resellers to resell all Just Deliver It’s tools and resources including:

White label the Just Deliver It solutions or sell them under the Just Deliver It name. The Just Deliver It team will provide you with all the tools and support you need to become an expert in our software so you can bring effective solutions to your clients while growing your business.


Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail allows you to efficiently reach a large audience at an affordable cost.

Explore Ringless Voicemail Explore ringless voicemail


Opt-a-Track IVR

Opt-A-Track is our leading edge interactive voice response system. We offer no capacity limits!

Explore Opt-a-Track IVR Explore Opt-a-Track IVR


Direct Mail

Receive popular promotional items such as business cards, brochures, pens, and more!

Explore Direct Mail Explore Direct Mail

Our reseller license is unlimited so you and your team can grow your business without worrying about thresholds.

Dashboard Quick View

The Just Deliver It reseller dashboard provides the detailed reporting and tools that you need to easily & effectively manage your reseller account.

check mark See important numbers at a glance

check mark Generate reports

check mark Customize users

check mark White label the software

dashboard quick view

Secure Credit-Card Processing

Just Deliver It takes your client’s safety and security seriously. We use a built-in credit card processing integration so your client can easily and securely pay through their client portal.

White Labeled Portal

Your clients can pay directly through your white-labeled portal.

Authorize.net Tokens

Authorize.net safely and securely stores sensitive card data and sends tokens directly to you.

credit card authorization

SMTP Integration

We will help you maintain brand continuity in your Just Deliver It reseller partnership. We offer simple SMTP integration so all client emails can be sent from your email address of choice. You will also receive a copy of emails directly in your inbox.

smtp integration

Multi-User Accounts

Add multiple users to your account so your team can work together to grow your business. Each account has unlimited users and customizable privileges.

Multi-User Accounts

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Additional Just Deliver It Reseller Features

White label, custom notifications, custom alerts, and the ability to quickly and easily resolve customer issues.

check mark Customer Breakdowns

check mark Revenue

check mark Detailed Transaction Reports

check mark Granular Information on Agent Performance

check mark Margins

check mark Usage

check mark Excel and .CSV Exporting

Report graph 1
Report graph 2


check mark Customer Breakdowns

check mark Revenue

check mark Detailed Transaction Reports

check mark Granular Information on Agent Performance

check mark Margins

check mark Usage

check mark Excel and .CSV Exporting


check mark Login as customers: Our support team is fast, but we also know that sometimes clients have issues that you can easily solve yourself. If your customer needs help with the Just Deliver It system, you have the option to log in as the customer to help them troubleshoot the issue.

check mark Create custom API token: Get things done quickly and effectively by generating your own API tokens for customers.

check mark Real-time reporting: Just Deliver It offers our reseller robust reporting tools. Access real-time reports for your campaigns.

check mark Real-time listening: Listen to audio files as they are happening in real time!

White Label

check mark Custom Logo: Upload your logo to keep your company branding seemless.

check mark Custom Background Images: Make the whole experience presonal to your customers by uploading background images for the portal login screens.


check mark Talk between parent and child accounts

check mark Talk to users directly in the portal

Reseller Pricing


Regular price: $150/mo

Check Mark Unlimited Reseller License

Check Mark Yearly Flat Fee

Check Mark All Premium Reseller Features

Ringless Voicemail
Opt-A-Track IVR
Direct Mail

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