6 Tips for a Successful Political Campaign Ringless Voicemail Message

Using ringless voicemail in your campaign strategy can not only save time and money, but it can also be incredibly effective.

Ringless voicemail has the highest open rates in the outbound marketing industry and is relatively unsaturated. This means you have an excellent chance of having your message heard by your target audience.

How to Send a Successful Ringless Voicemail Message for your Political Campaign

In ringless voicemail, two things determine the success of the voicemail campaign: the quality of your list, and the quality of your message. Using the simple tips below, you can increase the odds of success for your political ringless voicemail drops.

1 - Personalize Your Message

One of the best ways to have a successful ringless voicemail campaign for your political campaign is to make your message sound personalized. We don’t mean recording a personal message for every individual. However, with the right messaging, even a mass message can sound small and personalized.

While no one is going to expect a politician o hand dial every single one of their constituents, they will be more receptive if the voicemail feels like it has a personal touch. Try saying “We were out in your neighborhood today…” or “We’ve been talking to your neighbors and other community members about…” Verbiage like this can help the message seem more personalized to the recipient with little additional effort from you.

This can be extra effective if you segment your contact list and add in names of communities, neighborhoods, or other smaller, personalized groups.

2 - Smile While You Speak

Most politicians know that public speaking is about more than just the words you deliver; it’s also about how you deliver them.

The same holds true with ringless voicemail marketing. While you want to project knowledge and professionalism, you also want to come off as approachable, friendly, and sincere.

Strange as it may seem, speaking with a smile on your face—even over the phone—can make you sound more friendly.

3 - Be Respectful of the Listener's Time

Ringless voicemail can be a great way to reach those people in your community who are “just heading out the door” or “in the middle of dinner” whenever you campaign calls or knocks.

While everyone will appreciate a shorter, more concise message, this can be increasingly true if none of your other touchpoints with an individual have been successful.

Edit down your message to hit the main points in as little time as possible. Then finish it up with a quick call to action. This will increase the likelihood that the recipient will listen to your full message, and they will likely be grateful that you didn’t take up too much of his or her time.

4 - Don't Be Too Scripted

While smiling while you record your message makes you sound more approachable, keeping from sounding too scripted and polished will help make you sound more genuine.

Instead of writing down your script word-for-word and trying to read it while sounding “natural,” write down bullet points instead. This can help your words flow more naturally, helping them to sound more genuine and approachable.

5 - Have a Call to Action

What do you want people to do when they finish listening to your voicemail? Don’t leave them hanging!

Before you hit the record button, it’s important to know the goals of your message. Know your goals for the campaign and what you want recipients to do next. Is your goal to get more people out to the polls? Do you want them to visit a website? Attend a political rally? Consider the issues and vote for your candidate once it’s time to vote?

Let your recipient know clearly and definitively what they’re supposed to do next.

6 - Speak Clearly

This goes without saying but is actually for more than just being understood.

Most mobile carriers have an automated voicemail feature that transcribes the voicemail into text. This is sometimes used by recipients for screening voicemails or for reading the voicemail in situations when they can’t otherwise listen.

Whatever the case, speaking clearly can help ensure that the transcription of your message is as accurate as possible.

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