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Everything you need to know about setting up and launching an engaging, high-impact ringless voicemail campaign.

Ringless Voicemail Guide



6 Benefits of Ringless Voicemail

How can ringless voicemail help you attract more clients, close more deals, and increase business with existing clients?


When to Use Ringless Voicemail

What is the best way to use ringless voicemail? When used strategically, ringless voicemail can save time & money in your marketing or sales.


4-Piece Formula for a High-Impact Voicemail Message

There are typically four components to a successful, high-impact ringless voicemail message: introduction, credibility, value, call to action!


9 (Simple) Tips for Recording an Effective Message

There are typically 9 components to a successful, high-impact ringless voicemail message such as the purpose for which you are calling.


3 Tips for a Successful Ringless Voicemail Campaign

Here are 3 final considerations before you launch your ringless voicemail campaign.


Sample Ringless Voicemail Messages

You've read the tips, now see them all in action with sample ringless voicemail messages.


What is ringless voicemail & why is it effective?

Ringless voicemail is a method of leaving voicemail messages without the phone ever ringing. It utilizes an automated system that connects directly to the voicemail carrier, skipping the wireless phone provider entirely. This circumvents the phone ringing system, prevents the recipient from getting charged for the call, and allows the recipient to listen at their convenience.

Ringless voicemail is an automated system. It allows businesses to deliver a 20-90 second message to new or existing leads without utilizing salespeople, customer service reps, auto-dialers, or call centers.

This can be a simple and effective way to get noticed by new prospects, simplify the delivery of information to current leads or clients, or to reach existing contacts in a non-intrusive way.

6 Benefits

of ringless voicemail

High Open Rate

High Open Rate

Voicemails have a 92% open rate, the highest open rate in the outbound marketing industry. It also sees a higher response rate than traditional advertising techniques, especially when the message includes a compelling call to action.

High Open Rate


Ringless voicemail marketing is extremely affordable, usually starting at less than $0.02 per message. Users typically purchase a package of credits and are only ever charged for successfully delivered messages.

High Open Rate

Undivided Attention

Ringless voicemail is considered a non-disruptive form of marketing. The receiver is able to listen to the voicemail message on his or her own time. This means you’re not battling distractions or other advertisers for their undivided attention.

High Open Rate

Save Time & Money

Auto-dialers or traditional outbound call campaigns require a salesperson or customer service agent at-the-ready when the call connects. Ringless voicemail allows you to deliver your message in a fraction of the time and without extensive labor.

High Open Rate

Simple to Use

Send your voicemail message to hundreds or thousands of contacts with just the press of a button. When you use Just Deliver It’s simple online dashboard, you can upload your list, record your message, and send your first campaign in 10 minutes or less.

When To Use Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail can be a great way to reach a large number of contacts with the press of a button. With strategic messaging, you can generate calls back, foot traffic, website visits or downloads, or other actions from your list.

While every industry is different, almost every company can find that strategic ringless voicemail saves time and money in their sales or marketing efforts while maximizing results.

Here are some of the top ways to use ringless voicemail:

Reach New Potential Clients

Ringless voicemail can be an effective way to reach a new marketing list to generate interest from new potential clients.

  • Deliver your elevator pitch
  • Offer a compelling call to action
  • Spread the word about events/offers


Add ringless voicemails to your follow-up campaign for high-impact “touches.”

  • Integrate with your CRM to deliver voicemails upon certain triggers
  • Encourage call-backs by providing price updates
  • Notify lead of special offers or promotions
  • Notify leads of upcoming classes or webinars
  • Introduce a new e-book or whitepaper


Use ringless voicemail to stay top-of-mind with existing clients.

  • Notify clients of special offers
  • Introduce new products or services
  • Schedule messages that have a personal feel such as holiday greetings, birthday wishes, or “just checking in” messages









What’s your name and job title?

Credibility Statement

Why should the listener listen to you?

Value Add

What are you offering & why should they care?

Call to Action

What “next step” should your recipient take?


Hi, this is Susan from Realty Solutions in Pleasant Grove.

I just sold a house in your area for more than the asking price and have several more buyers looking to move to your area.

If you’ve been considering selling your home, now might be a great time to do so!

If you have a few minutes in the next day or two, give me a call and we can talk about some of the possibilities. Just give me a call back at 801-555-0912 or feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you!




Just Deliver It offers a simple online tool to let you record your voicemail message over the phone. Simply enter in the phone number of the phone you’d like to use to record, and the recording system will ring your phone and prompt you to record your message.

The success of your ringless voicemail campaign relies on the quality of your voicemail message. Taking the time to refine your message and recording a smooth-flowing sound bite can have a huge impact in the success of your campaign.

Before recording, consider these 9 (simple) tips for making your voicemail message a success!

number 1

Define your goal

What is the purpose of your voicemail message?

  • Generate a specific action (call back, email, website visit, webinar rsvp, e-book download)
  • Inform (political message, order update, event, upcoming promotion)
  • Create urgency (price update, sale or promotion)
  • Touch base (holiday/birthday greeting, checking in to make sure client is satisfied, reminder about upcoming appointment/ recommended service)
number 1

Prepare Your Call-to-Action

Once you know the purpose of your voicemail message, decide exactly what you want your contact to do when they hear the message.

Do you want them to give you a call back when they have a few minutes to talk? Visit your website to download your new e-book? Vote yes on a proposition at the voting polls?

Define your call-to-action, make it clear and simple, and write it down.

number 1

Line the Path from Introduction to Action

What does your customer need to hear to compel them to complete your call to action? This will be different for each message depending on your goal.

Put yourself in your contact’s shoes. What snippet of information would you need to hear to perform the call-to-action the voicemail gives if you were them?


  • Value Add. What it something useful you are providing your contact, and how can it provide them value?
  • Credibility Statement. Why should they trust you or your company?
  • Differentiators. What makes your services better than their current solution?
number 1

Keep it Succinct

You have the gift of your contacts’ undivided attention as they listen to your voicemail. Keep them engaged and interested by keeping your voicemail short and sweet.

The length of your message depends on your goals and your target market, however, we’ve noticed a sweet spot in listen and response rates for messages that are 40-50 seconds long.

number 1

Jot Down Notes

You don’t necessarily need to write a ringless voicemail message script—especially since that can come off as insincere or fake— but it can be helpful to write down the main bullet points of your message and keep them in front of you as you record.

number 1

Practice Your Message

You don’t want to sound over-rehearsed, but you don’t want to sound frazzled either. Practice your pitch a few times to make sure there aren’t any words or phrases that cause you to stumble, “um,” or “er.”

number 1

Be Confident & Don’t Mumble

Nothing is more frustrating than listening to a voicemail but not being able to understand half the words. Speak clearly and confidently, and don’t mumble.

Many mobile devices also transcribe voicemail messages in the voicemail inbox. Speaking clearly can help ensure a more accurate transcription for your recipients.

number 1

Take Your Time

Just Deliver It’s ringless voicemail recording software allows you to play back your message and re-record as many times as you’d like. Look for the sweet spot between “smooth and professional” and “over-rehearsed.” Remember, you want your voicemail to come off as genuine and friendly, not robotic or bored.

number 1


It sounds silly, but smiling while you record your voicemail message really does come across to the listener!

3 Tips for a


ringless voicemail campaign

1 - Know how it fits into yhour overall sales, marketing, or messaging campaign.

Voicemail marketing can be effective as a stand-alone effort, but it can be even more successful when paired with follow-up messages or other supporting contact methods.


The success of your ringless voicemail campaign is based on two factors: the quality of your message and the quality of your list. Even the best-written voicemail message in the world won’t get any responses if you’re sending to low-quality, unqualified, or disinterested leads.


While the Just Deliver It Ringless Voicemail System is capable of sending hundreds of thousands of voicemails at a time, consider how many responses you can handle at a time. Most ringless voicemail marketing campaigns begin receiving call-backs in as little as 2-3 hours (sometimes sooner). If you’re not sure what your response rate and time will look like, consider sending a small test batch first to guage response rate.


ringless voicemail messages

Home Services to Target Location List

Hi, this is Darren from PainterPro Services. I’m calling because we are just finishing painting a home in your neighborhood and are offering 15% off any interior or exterior paint job if you schedule a free quote this week while we’re in the area. Our painting company has won Best of State for 3 years running and is featured with the Parade of Homes and other organizations. We’d love the chance to help bring a fresh coat of paint to your home. Give us a call or send us a text if you’d like to schedule a quote! My number is 513555-2145. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Outsourced HR Services to list of HighGrowth Startups

“Hi, my name is Francis. I noticed your company is experiencing some high growth, and I have a service that I think could make your life a whole lot easier. I work with a company called HR Logistics that oversees hiring, compensation packages, and streamlining personnel processes for fast-growing sales teams. In previous partnerships, we’ve decreased turnover by 25% and increased team profitability over 30%. If you have 5 minutes to talk, I’d love to give you a quick overview of how we could help your team achieve the same thing. Just give me a call back at 513-555-1254 at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Auto Dealer to Online Price Watch Lead List for Specific Model

Hi, this is Angie from Ryder Car Sales in Ashton. I’m calling because you requested price alerts for the 2018 Jeep Renegade, and I wanted to let you know that we’re running a special this week for up to $4000 off MSRP now through the end of the month. This week only, we’re also offering a $50 gift card with every test drive! For more details or to schedule your test drive of the new 2018 Jeep Renegade, just give us a call at 413-555-2398. Thanks so much, and have a great day.

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