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Ringless Voicemail Guide

Everything you need to know about how to use ringless voicemail to generate more Real Estate Investing leads.

Ringless Voicemail Guide



Why it Works

Why Ringless Voicemail is a marketing method of choice for Real Estate Investors looking for new leads.


Why Ringless Voicemail is So Effective for Real Estate Investors

The Real Estate Investing Industry loves ringless voicemail, and it’s no wonder why.


7 Simple Tips for an Effective Ringless Voicemail Campaign

How do you make sure your ringless voicemail campaign is a success? Here are some tips.


Sample Ringless Voicemail Messages

See how other real estate investors have put ringless voicemail into practice with positive results.


What is ringless voicemail?

Ringless voicemail has recently become a marketing tool of choice for real estate investors. This is because ringless voicemail tends to have a higher conversion rate and lower cost-per-conversion than traditional marketing methods.

Besides being economical, the tone and feel of ringless voicemail marketing drops make them effective in the real estate investing industry.

Your Target REI Lead Responds to Ringless Voicemail Better Than to Traditional Outbound Marketing

In several industry studies, ringless voicemail has gotten on average 20-35% more response than traditional outbound marketing methods such as direct mail and email marketing, and has an 8-10X lower cost-per-conversion than Google Ads or Bing.

This is because ringless voicemail feels:

  • Peronsal
  • Low-Pressue
  • Genuine
  • Non-Intrusive

Even though you’re reaching out cold and presenting an opportunity, the listener feels like they’re being empowered to decide what happens next.

Why It Works

Ringless Voicemail for Real Estate Investors

If you use the right messaging and execution, your lead will feel empowered instead of feeling pressured. For a lead who, at the time, may be feeling powerless or frustrated about their situation with their home, this can feel like a game-changer.


Your target customer is currently feeling...

Frustrated, discouraged, or trapped

Desperate to get out of their current situation

Looking for a fast and easy fix

May be feeling screwed over by current situation

May feel especially wary of getting scammed

Want to cut ties and move on

Why Ringless Voicemail Works


Using a contact method they associate with personal contact vs. mass marketing (like marketing emails or direct mail)

Offering a fair and hassle-free solution and making the offer sound personal, if you do it right

Not disrupting their day-to-day or pressuring them; just offering a friendly, neighborly opportunity to give you a call back



Why Ringless Voicemail Works


In REI marketing, it can be effective to use a non-disruptive form of marketing that allows the lead to listen and respond on their own time. This means you are able to receive their undivided attention instead of trying to drown out the sound of other advertisers or distractions like in traditional direct mail or email marketing.

Why Ringless Voicemail Works


We know that outbound marketing is a numbers game. With ringless voicemail marketing, real estate investors can reach hundreds or thousands of potential clients with the press of a button. Even more astounding, however, is that when done correctly each of these outreaches feels personal to the endlistener.

Why Ringless Voicemail Works

Minimal Effort

A ringless voicemail campaign can take only 5-10 minutes to set up but can bring a huge impact to your real estate investing business. Since the contact chooses whether to call back, you’re automatically weeding out disinterested parties. This means you’re only spending your time talking to people who are interested in learning more.

Why Ringless Voicemail Works


Ringless voicemail marketing is extremely affordable, which is important in prospecting for real estate investing. On average, you can send a ringless voicemail for as little as $0.02 per message. Users typically purchase a package of credits (with bulk discounts) and are only charged for successfully-delivered messages.

Why Ringless Voicemail Works

High Open Rate

Ringless voicemail marketing has the highest open rate in the outbound marketing industry, with over 92% of voicemails being opened and listened to. It also sees a higher response rate than traditional marketing, especially when it includes a compelling call to action. This usually means better ROIs and more conversions.




We’ve been in the ringless voicemail industry for years. Let us share iwth you some of the tips and tricks we’ve seen from real estate investors that seem to generate better lead response rates:

number 1

Don't Sound Too Professional or Salesy

One of the biggest reasons for failure in real estate investing directto-voicemail campaigns is that the message sounds too polished or professional. This throws a red flag to the listener.

We call it “Infomercial Syndrome” because the listener feels like they’re receiving an exaggerated over-salesy pitch that is geared toward suckers.

You don’t want your lead to feel like they’re listening to a polished salesperson who may take advantage of them; you want them to feel like they’re talking to a trustworthy neighbor who has an idea for helping them get out of their current situation.

Approachability is the key to receiving a call back.

number 1

Don't Have a Script

This leads us to our next point—don’t write a script. While actors and actresses can read a script and come off as natural, we mere mortals have a more difficult time pulling that off. Instead of writing a script, jot down a few bullet points and then speak naturally.

number 1

Record Your Voicemail from Your Car

It may sound silly, but recording your voicemail from the car makes it sounds like you’re out and about driving around looking at properties.

number 1

Try to Hit on a Pain Point

Since you’re generating a lead instead of responding to one, it’s important to hit on the “pain point” or the motivating emotion that may cause this person to consider selling their property to you.

Try something like “I specialize in hard-to-sell homes like fixeruppers, rentals with bad tenants, bad taxes, divorce or inherited property, or even fire damage and mold.”

number 1

Have a High-Quality List

Your direct-to-voicemail campaign is only as effective as the quality of list you have.

Your list will likely be a more significant investment than the ringless voicemail drops themselves, so make sure to get a marketing list that makes it worth your while.

Look for a list that has the most up-to-date information available and that allows you to filter by zip code or neighborhood, homeownership status (especially owner nonoccupied properties), marital status, or homes in probate.

number 1

Make it Easy for Them to Say Yes

In your message, you want to find a balance between qualifying the lead but not scaring them off.

Make sure you’re using a compelling call to action (“sell me your house for a fair cash price,” “hassle-free,” “as-is,” etc.) and make it easy for them to take the next step.

Give them a clear (yet easy) call to action, like “If you have a few minutes, give me a call back at (phone number). I’d love to discuss some of the possibilities with you.” Or “If you’re interested in receiving a fair cash offer for your property, give me a call back (phone number) or send me an email at (email address).”

number 1

Be Confident & Don’t Mumble

It goes without saying that you want to speak clearly when you record your message so the listener can understand what you’re saying, but speaking clearly has additional benefits. Many mobile devices have voicemail systems that transcribe the message.

Some people screen their voicemails through these transcriptions or will read the transcriptions when they’re in a place where they can’t reasonably listen to the voicemail. By speaking clearly, you ensure that these transcriptions will come out accurately.

number 1

Send One or Two Follow-Ups

You may already know that a truism in sales is that you’ll close more deals if you increase the number of touch points you have with a lead. A person usually has many commitments and distractions during a day, which can prevent them from calling back. Your goal should be to reach them at a time they’re most likely to respond.

By sending an additional follow up (on a different day of the week and different time of day) you may catch them at a time they’re more likely to respond. You’re also reinforcing your brand and creating those touchpoints that make them more likely to consider your services.



Target Location Lead List

“Hey, this is kind of random, but my name is Alan, I’m a home investor and have kind of been driving around the area looking to buy a house for cash. I thought I’d give you a call to see if you’d be interested in selling your home to me as-is. I specialize in hard-to-sell homes whether it’s a fixerupper, has bad tenants, bad taxes, divorce or a bad situation, inherited property, fire damage, or even mold. If you’re interested in discussing selling your home to me for a fair cash price, just give me a call back. Again, my name is Alan and my phone number is 208555-7623.”

Properties in Probate Lead List

“Hi there, my name is Roger and I’m a real estate investor looking to buy a single-family home for cash. I mainly specialize in properties that are harder to sell, either because the property is outdated or has lots of repairs, has fire or water damage, tax issues, or is just the product of a tough situation like divorce or an inheritance. Anyway, I wanted to see if you’d be interested in receiving a fair cash offer for your property. No commitments or obligations, just an opportunity to discuss what I might be able to offer for your property as-is. If you have a few minutes to discuss, just give me a call back at 614-555-1265, again my name is Roger, and I’d love to talk possibilities with you.”

Owner Not-Occupied Lead List

“Hello, my name is Christy and I’m a real estate investor in the area. I’m looking for a multi-family home to buy for cash and wondered if you’d be interested in receiving a fair cash offer for your property in La Salle County. I buy properties as-is and pay all the closing costs, just making it as hasslefree for you as possible. If you have a few minutes to discuss, just give me a call, my number is 779-555-2496. Thanks so much and have a great day!”

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