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ReEverything you need to know about setting up and launching an engaging, high-impact ringless voicemail campaign.

Ringless Voicemail Guide



How it Works

How does ringless voicemail work and how do you set up your first campaign?


Why Use Ringless Voicemail

Auto dealerships often choose ringless voicemail for lead generation because it is affordable and effective.


Using Ringless Voicemail to Drive Sales

Who should you send ringless voicemails to and what types of messages can help drive conversions?


Sample Ringless Voicemail Messages

Examples of how other auto dealerships have put ringless voicemail into practice with positive results.


If you’re an auto dealer trying to drive new leads, improve sales, or turn previous customers into repeat clients, ringless voicemail can help.

With high response rates and the best open rates in the industry, ringless voicemail is a simple and effective tool for driving more sales to your car dealership.

In this guide, you’ll find information about how to use ringless voicemail to drive more car sales, how to write an effective voicemail message, and how to set up your first ringless voicemail campaign.

What is

ringless voicemail

Ringless Voicemail Marketing is the process of leaving a voicemail on a person’s mobile device without the phone ever ringing. The recipient will see a missed call and will see a voicemail notification, but their phone will never ring.

In these voicemail messages, you have 30-90 seconds to leave a voicemail with whatever message you choose. Strategic messaging can encourage your potential buyer to call back, attend an event, schedule service, or visit your dealership.

1. Choose Your List

Who do you want this message to be sent to? Upload a spreadsheet of new leads or use a contact list you’ve already created.

2. Record your message

What do you want your message to say? If you don’t have your own audio file, use our simple over-the-phone message recording system.

3. Set your schedule

Just Deliver It’s online platform offers a simple over-the-phone voicemail recording platform. You may also upload your own audio file if preferred.

4. Select your settings

When do you want your messages sent out? Choose a specific date and time, or spread sends out over multiple days to make callbacks more manageable.

5. Press send

That's it! Press the send button and your campaign is on its way.

Why Use Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail drops are becoming a popular addition to car dealerships’ marketing plans. With simple-to-use dashboards, inexpensive pricing, and high open rates, ringless voicemail can be an efficient and effective way to drive more car sales to your dealership.



Ringless voicemail is one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing for a car dealership, with message sends as low as $0.02 per message.

Less Competition

Less Competition

While TV and radio ads, direct mail, and email marketing campaigns have you competing for attention, you have the listener’s full attention with voicemail.

Open Rate

92% Open Rate

Voicemail marketing has the highest open rate in the outbound marketing industry, with 92% of voicemails being opened and played by the recipient.


Car dealerships can use ringless voicemail marketing to warm a list of cold leads, to drive sales leads through the funnel, and to drive sales or service from existing customers.

New Lead Lists

If you’ve purchased a marketing list of potential car buyers, ringless voicemail drops may be a great way to reach out to them and warm your new leads.

Prospective Customers

If you have a lead who has filled out a form online or in-dealership but hasn’t converted yet, ringless voicemails can help push them down the funnel.

Existing Networks

Tap into your existing customer base to find repeat car buyers. Encourage upgrades, trade-ins, service, accessories, or build relationships & referrals.

Using Ringless Voicemail Messages For

Car Dealerships

What types of ringless voicemail drops are effective for car dealerships? Try any of the following:

number 1

Price Alerts

Send automated price alerts to customers who have opted in to receive price alerts from your website to encourage them to buy now.

number 1

Upcoming Sales or Special Pricing

Let your network know when you have sales, special pricing, or financing deals without having to lift a finger.

number 1

Customer Appreciation Events

Invite existing and prospective customers to customer appreciation events to build rapport and get clients onto your blacktop.

number 1

New Vehicle Launches

Let your prospects and existing customers know when new models are released and invite them to come take a test drive.

number 1

Automated Service Reminders

Schedule automated voicemails to let customers know when it’s time to schedule their next service appointment.

number 1

New Accessories

Let existing customers know about a new cool accessory or upgrade for their vehicle and invite them to call for a quote.

number 1

Trade-In or Lease Specials

Encourage existing customers to upgrade their existing vehicle by letting them know about current trade-in or lease specials.





Who are you and what company are you calling from?

Try to make this sound “personalized” (even though it’s not). Think of how you leave voicemails for acquaintances. You usually say something along the lines of “Hi Carl, this is Brik. We met briefly at the Creekland Auto a few weeks ago…”

Just drop the listener's name, and you have a personalized-sounding message that you can use for anyonje. "Hi, this is Brik. We met briefly at Creekland Auto a few weeks ago."

Value Add

Give this listener something you think they'll (really) want.

Calling just to solicit is bad form. Think about what’s in it for the listener, and be sure to present it that way. Is there a deal you think they’d be qualified for? An incentive that might pique their interest? A free gift card or movie ticket for test driving a vehicle?

A good way to make this offer sound genuine is by avoiding writing a script. Instead, write bullet points and let your actual words flow naturally.

Call to Action

What is the next step the recipient should take?

Don’t just drop information and walk away; let the listener know which step they should take next.

What is your goal for reaching out to the customer, and what’s the next step they need to take to achieve that goal? Is it calling or texting to schedule a test drive? Calling to schedule a service appointment? Dropping by to check out a new model? Let them know!


auto dealership voicemails

“Hi, this is Randy from over at Smith Car Sales. I noticed you had a price alert set up for the 2018 Dodge Durango, and I wanted to let you know that we currently have $2000 cash bonuses from now until the end of the month. Let me know if you want me to slot you in for a test drive this weekend. You can give me a call back or text this number and I’ll make sure we have one on the lot for you! Look forward to hearing from you.”

“Hi, this is Amber over at Velocity Auto Sales. I wanted to let you know that we are scheduled to receive some new 2019 Ram 1500s in at the end of the week. These trucks are awesome and were unanimously voted the MotorTrend Truck of the Year, which is pretty cool. I’m not sure if you’re in the market for a truck right now or looking to upgrade your current truck, but we’re offering some great trade-in deals and could get you traded up for the same monthly payments you’re paying now. Let me know if you want to come give one of these trucks a test drive. You can call or text this number and I’ll make sure we have one of our Big Horns on the lot for you. Thanks and talk to you later.”

“Hi, this is Neecie from Mark Douglas Auto over on Winchester Street. I wanted to personally invite you to a customer appreciation event we’re having this Saturday. We’ll be barbequing ribs, are going to have tons of sides from RJ’s Smokehouse, and will have bouncy houses for the kids. Feel free to drop by anytime between 11 and 4. We hope to see you there!”

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