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Ringless Voicemail

Everything you need to know about setting up and launching an engaging, high-impact ringless voicemail campaign.

Ringless Voicemail Guide



How it Works

How does ringless voicemail work and how do you set up your first campaign?


Why Use Ringless Voicemail

Real estate agents often choose ringless voicemail for lead generation because it is affordable, compliant, and effective.


6 Components of an Effective Ringless Voicemail Campaign

How to make sure your real estate ringless voicemail campaign yields the best results.


Sample Ringless Voicemail Messages

Examples of how other real estate agents have put ringless voicemail into practice with positive results.


In an industry that relies on new buyers and sellers to make a commission, it’s important to keep your real estate pipeline full of new leads. Ringless voicemail is becoming one of the lead generation tools of choice for real estate agents because it is cheaper and more effective than most traditional outbound advertising campaigns.

Ringless voicemail is a simple, easy tool to reach hundreds (or even thousands) of potential clients at the click of a button. It also has the highest open-rate and ROI of any outbound marketing campaign.

What is Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is the process of sending a voicemail message directly to a contact’s voicemail without the phone ever ringing. This voicemail is pre-recorded and can be sent to hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously.

In real estate, ringless voicemail is effective because it leaves a message that feels personalized to a large number of prospects, usually in a specific area. This message will usually have a call to action such as calling or texting back for more information or signing up for email alerts for market updates.

How It Works

Ringless voicemail is simple and easy-to-use. Once you have your real estate marketing list, you can send your first batch of messages in as little as 10 minutes.

1. get a contact list

If you don’t already have a contact list you would like to use, there are list-building services online. Look for a list that is updated quarterly and that can be filtered based on your target demographics.

2. buy your credits

Ringless voicemail is typically purchased using credits which can be anywhere from $0.02/message to $0.07/message. Most providers will only charge for voicemails that are successfully delivered.

3. record your message

Just Deliver It’s online platform offers a simple over-the-phone voicemail recording platform. You may also upload your own audio file if preferred.

4. select your settings

When would you like your voicemails delivered to your real estate marketing list, how many messages would you like to send at a time, and what phone number do you want to show on the caller id?

5. press send

That’s it! Press the send button and your campaign is on its way. Want to try it for yourself? Get started now with a free trial.

Why Use Ringless Voicemail?

Real estate agents often choose ringless voicemail for lead generation because it is affordable, compliant, and effective.



Ringless voicemail is considered one of the most affordable outbound marketing campaigns for real estate agents. Direct mail, for instance, requires printing and postage fees with costs starting around $0.60 or $0.75/piece plus the cost of the marketing list. Ringless voicemail, however, can start as low as $0.02 per message. Just Deliver It also offers free high-quality contact lists with certain credit package sizes.


92% open rate

Ringless voicemail has the highest open rate in the outbound marketing industry. This is because ringless voicemail is not overrun with marketing like methods such as email marketing or direct mail may be. It is also reaching prospects on a device that most people carry with them everywhere, and through a communication method that most people are reliant on.




Ringless voicemail takes a different perspective than traditional marketing campaigns. Instead of trying to stand out from other advertisers, your goal should be to find the right target market and create a feeling of trust, opportunity, and partnership in 45 seconds or less.

Here are 6 Components of an effective campaign:

number 1

High-Quality List

Your list is one of the most important aspects of your ringless voicemail campaign. A high-quality list will result in better response rates and conversions than a low-quality list.

Look for a list that is updated at least quarterly (typically by credit reporting agencies). Filter your list based on location, homeownership status, credit score, age, marital status, or any other demographics that accurately represent your target market.

number 1

Strategic Location

Many real estate agents like to filter their ringless voicemail marketing list by zip code. This is not only important for real estate agents who have location restrictions but can also help to create a more effective ringless voicemail marketing campaign.

  • Can help personalize the voicemail message
    "I’m an expert in residential properties in the Olympic Hills neighborhood.”
  • Can make the call-to-action more specific
    “Let me know if you’d be interested in receiving occasional text updates of the real estate market in your area.”
  • Can give more compelling, local details
    “I just helped one of your neighbors on Thunderbird Street sell their house for 15% over their original asking price.”
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Strategic Location

The reason voicemail marketing is so effective for real estate agents is that it can feel like a personal message. Potential clients feel like the real estate agent is reaching out specifically to them because they see opportunity in their property or neighborhood.

Keep your voicemail sounding personable with the following tips:

  • Record your voicemail in the car
    This makes it sound like you’re out and about driving around and looking at properties.
  • Don't write a script
    A script can sound contrived. Instead, write a list of bullet points to help guide which points you want to hit.
  • Use a friendly, casual voice
    Don’t sound overly-polished or professional, as this can sometimes come off as being unapproachable.
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Have a Clear Call to Action

Make it as easy as possible to help guide your prospect down the funnel by giving them a clear “next step” in the process.

Try something like:

  • “If you have a few minutes in the next day or two, give me a call back to discuss the possibilities.”
  • “If you’re considering selling in the next 12 or 18 months, send me a text or give me a call and I’d be happy to send you occasional market updates in your area.”
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Speak Clearly

Many mobile phones transcribe voicemails into text. Some users use this to screen calls or to read voicemails when they can’t otherwise listen to them. Make sure the transcription software can accurately transcribe your message by making sure you speak clearly.

number 1

Be Ready to Accept Calls

Don’t let your ringless voicemail campaign fizzle out by playing phone tag. Be ready to answer the phone when your real estate prospect calls back. This is your chance to show them you will be reachable and attentive if they hire you to buy or sell a property.









What is your name and the name of your company?

Credibility Statement

Why should the prospect continue listening to this message?

Value Add

What are you offering and why should the prospect care?

Call to Action

What is the next step you want the recipient to take?


Hi, this is Carl from Pinegar Jones Real Estate.

I’ve been a real estate agent in the Gossamer Springs area for 15 years and specialize in selling single family homes.

The sellers’ market is on an upswing in your neighborhood right now, so if you’ve been considering selling your home, now might be a great time to do so!

If you have a few minutes in the next day or two to talk, give me a quick call back and we can talk about some of the possibilities.


real estate ringless voicemails

“Hi, this is Stephanie from Home Matters in Austin. I’m calling because I just sold a house in your neighborhood and have a number of buyers looking to buy in the area. I wanted to see if you were interested in selling any time soon since it might be a great time to get on the market. If you’re interested in talking about the possibilities or seeing some comps, give me a call back! My number is 512-555-2507. I look forward to talking with you!”

“Hi, this is Michael from Property Network Solutions. I’m calling because I just sold a house in your neighborhood and have seen increased buyer interest in the area. If you’ve been thinking about selling, now might be a great time to do so! If you’d like to talk numbers or see what we might be able to do together, give me a call back. My number is 919-555-3279. Again, that’s Michael from Property Network Solutions, 91955-3279. I look forward to speaking soon!”

“Hi, this is Casey from Title One Homebuyers. I’m calling because the real estate market is hot in your neighborhood right now. I wanted to see if you would be interested in checking out some comps in the area to see how your home might price in the current market, or if you were interested in receiving occasional market updates via email. Either way, let me know by shooting me a quick text or calling back. My mobile is 645-555-6238. Again, that’s Casey from Title One, 645-555-6238. Thanks so much and have a great day!”

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