7 FAQs About Ringless Voicemail Marketing

What is Ringless Voicemail? 7 FAQs About Ringless Voicemail Marketing

What is ringless voicemail and how does it work? Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about ringless voicemail technology.

What is Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail is an automated system that leaves pre-recorded messages in a recipient’s voicemail inbox without their phone ever ringing. This method of leaving a voicemail is non-disruptive, eliminating the disruption that would otherwise occur by the phone ringing. This means users can listen to the message on their own time. Ringless voicemail is also popular because it can be automated, reaching hundreds or thousands of cell phone users at just the click of a button.

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

Ringless voicemail works by connecting via a server to the voicemail carrier to insert a voicemail message directly into the user’s voicemail inbox. It completely bypasses the “calling” system and instead connects server-to-server to drop the voicemail message without the phone ever ringing. It doesn’t register as a “call,” but will still deliver whatever notification the phone user has set up for voicemails, such as an icon/banner alert and/or a short-tone sound alert.

Are Voicemail Drops Different from Ringless Voicemail?

They’re one and the same! Ringless voicemail is often called a “voicemail drop” or even a “ringless voicemail drop” since the voicemails are essentially “dropped” into the recipient’s mailbox. However, these are all phrases describing the same ringless voicemail technology.

How Long Can a Ringless Voicemail Message Be?

This depends on the ringless voicemail service as well as the carrier. Most ringless voicemail services will have a time limit that will not exceed major carrier voicemail lengths. However, when it comes to ringless voicemail messaging, the shorter the better. Keep It short and sweet so you don’t lose your audience’s attention. Just Deliver It recommends trying to stay around 45-60 seconds max.

Can Ringless Voicemail Work on Landlines?

The short answer is “sometimes,” but only in very specific circumstances.

Ringless voicemail is most commonly used on mobile phones as opposed to landlines. This is because in order for a ringless voicemail to send directly to a landline voicemail inbox, this voicemail must be provided by the phone service provider. With external systems, PBX, and most VoIP, senders will experience a high failure rate. Since most providers charge only for successfully-delivered voicemails, most ringless voicemail providers will choose not to offer a landline option.

In contrast, mobile voicemail inboxes are almost always hosted by the phone service provider. This significantly increases the successful send rate, making the ringless voicemail campaign more effective.

Can Ringless Voicemail Integrate into Marketing Campaigns?

Yes! Most major ringless voicemail marketing platforms include integration tools that can interact with most major CRMs. Just Deliver It’s ringless voicemail system, for instance, integrates with a huge range of CRMs using our RVM Pro API combined with Zapier.

Can I Try Ringless Voicemail for Free?

If you’ve never used ringless voicemail before, then you may want a test run before starting your first real campaign! We believe that once you try ringless voicemail marketing you’ll be sold. That’s why we always offer new clients the chance to try our ringless voicemail system before buying. To get started, click “Try It Free” below and get set up with a free account!

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