8 Reasons your Political Campaign Strategy Should Include Ringless Voicemail

8 Reasons your Political Campaign Strategy Should Include Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is the process of “dropping” a voicemail into a recipient’s voicemail inbox without the phone ever ringing. The process is fully automated, eliminating dialing, ringing, or manually leaving messages. This allows the sender to eave voicemails on hundreds or thousands of mobile devices at the click of a button.

Ringless voicemail drops are becoming an important addition to political campaign strategies. They allow political campaigns to reach hundreds or thousands of constituents with minimal effort or cost and allow the candidate to send a personal voicemail without having to spend hundreds of hours on the phone.

8 Reasons You Should Include Ringless Voicemail In Your Political Campaign Strategy

Ringless voicemail is an effective and easy-to-use tool that can support and strengthen your existing political campaign strategy. Not only is ringless voicemail inexpensive, but it also takes only 15 minutes or less to set up. Below are some of the top reasons campaigns choose to include ringless voicemail in their campaign strategy.

1 - High Open Rate

Ringless voicemail has one of the highest open rates in the industry. Over 92% of voicemail messages are opened, allowing campaigns to reach a high number of constituents at the click of a button.

2 - Reaches People on their Preferred Device

98% of Americans own a mobile phone, and most carry that phone with them wherever they go. This allows you to meet your target campaign audience where they are and on their preferred communication device.

3 - Is Non-Disruptive

Leaving a ringless voicemail sends the voicemail to the recipient without disrupting their day. The recipient can choose to listen to the voicemail whenever is convenient for them, ensuring your campaign message has their full attention instead of having to compete against in-the-moment distractions.

4 - Simple to Use

With just a click of a button, you can have your message sent to hundreds or thousands of constituents. Ringless voicemail is very easy to set up. Within your ringless voicemail dashboard, simply select your contact list, record your voicemail over the phone (or upload an audio file if you prefer), choose the time(s) and date(s) you’d like to send the message, and click send!

5 - Affordable

Ringless voicemail drops can cast as little as $0.02 per voicemail. Many ringless voicemail systems, such as JustDeliverIt, never charge for bounced messages so you only pay for voicemails that are sent successfully.

6 - Can Increases Voter Turnout

In randomized field experiments, researchers found that voters who received communication via phone or postcard were more likely to vote than those who received nothing. A personal voicemail message from a candidate or representative can make your listener feel included and inspire him or her to turn out at the polls.

7 - Feels Personal

One of the reasons ringless voicemail is so effective is because with the right message the voicemail can feel like a personal message. Try saying something like, “Hi, I was out in your neighborhood today…” or “We’ve been talking to your neighbors about…” to make it seem personally addressed to the recipient.

8 - Can Supplement Your Field Operations

We know that in-person conversations have the biggest direct correlation to improving turnout—ringless voicemail can boost these campaign efforts by creating a simple second point of contact to follow up on previous meetings, remind constituents closer to voting day, or send final updates or requests before polls close.

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