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Reach new homeowners and potential clients through ringless voicemail marketing.

Ringless Voicemail Guide



Why Ringless Voicemail

How can ringless voicemail be an effective marketing campaign for solar companies?


Setting Up Your First Campaign

How to set up and launch your first ringless voicemail marketing campaign.


Tips for a High-Impact Voicemail Marketing Message

Your ringless voicemail campaign is only as effective as your voicemail message.


Sample Ringless Voicemail Messages

Examples of how solar companies can use ringless voicemail to generate conversions.


Ringless voicemail is the process of leaving a voicemail on a user’s mobile device without the phone ever ringing. The process is fully automated, sending a prerecorded message to a list of potential clients. This allows business owners to reach hundreds or even thousands of prospects at the click of a button.

Ringless voicemail marketing is about more than convenience; it’s also effective. Voicemail has the highest open rate of any marketing method, including text messaging. This is because ringless voicemail feels personalized and urgent. Because most users aren’t inundated with ringless voicemail marketing messages, most solar companies using ringless voicemail find they don’t have to compete for attention to reach potential leads.

Why should solar companies use

ringless voicemail

Ringless voicemail is an effective tool for solar companies looking to find new leads, warm existing prospects, and increase sales. Ringless Voicemail has a very high open-rate and response-rate.

Simple & Easy Way to fill your funnel

Any sales expert knows that selling is a numbers game. Even if you have a high close rate, you still have to go through a number of leads to fill your funnel. Ringless voicemail marketing allows you to fill your funnel at a click of a button by reaching hundreds or even thousands of new potential customers. Simply upload your list, record a message using our over-the-phone recording system, and press send.

personal feel = higher reponse rate

Because voicemail isn’t a traditional method of marketing, your potential solar customers won’t feel like they’re being mass marketed to like other methods often feel. With the right messaging and call to action, your message can feel personal and like a genuine request to connect—without the legwork of leaving individual messages for each phone number. This makes for a higher rate than most traditional forms of outbound marketing.

keep in touch with existing clients

We know that it’s important to stay in touch with previous customers to foster good relationships, increase word of mouth, and to increase the probability of receiving referrals. Word of mouth results in 5x more sales than any other method of marketing. People are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend. Ringless voicemail can be an easy way to enhance your customer relationship campaign.

setting up your first campaign

Ringless voicemail is easy to set up and can integrate into your existing sales and marketing tools. To start your first ringless voicemail marketing campaign, simply:

1. upload your list

This can be a list of existing clients or can be a new marketing list of fresh leads. Name your list in the system so you can access it in the future as needed.

2. record your message

You can upload your own audio file if you choose, however, we find that messages recorded over the phone are often just as effective (or more effective) than those that sound professionally recorded. Just select to record by phone, enter your phone number, and our recording system will call you. Follow the easy prompts to record and listen to your message!

3. set your send schedule

Choose the dates and times you want your message to send. If you’re not sure what kind of response you’ll get, only send a small number of messages your first round. This way you can gauge response rates and plan your sends accordingly.

4. push send!

Once your campaign is set up and ready to go, push send to start sending your messages to devices!

5. (optional) integrate with sales/marketing systems

Many of our clients like to add ringless voicemail to their automated sales or marketing campaigns. See the integrations page on JustDeliverIt.Net for details.




The success of your solar voicemail marketing campaign relies on the effectiveness of your voicemail marketing message. Here are some tips for a successful voicemail:

number 1

Start with a Goal in Mind

What do you want to come from this voicemail message? Do you want to generate a call back? Get website visits? Set up a meeting? Receive a referral? Know what your main goal is, then formulate your messaging around that.

number 1

What's in it for the Customer?

Before you record your ringless voicemail message, make sure you have something of value to offer your potential solar customer. Why should they listen to your message, and what would compel them to complete your call to action? Keep a mindset of what’s in it for your customer, and make sure your messaging reflects that.

number 1

Write Bullet Points Instead of a Script

One of the biggest mistakes we see is people writing a script and then reading it. This can sometimes come off as robotic and disingenuous. Instead, write bullet points for the main points you want to include in your message, then record away. This will come off sending more genuine and more like a true voicemail than like a marketing technique.

number 1

Consider Pairing Your Voicemail With Another Marketing Acitivty

Voicemail marketing can be an effective way for solar companies to enhance or build on other marketing activities. Try something like:

  • Pair with an emailed guide
    “I emailed over a solar guide for your region and wanted to make sure you received it.”
  • Pair with a direct mail offer for free movie tickets with an on-site consultation
    “I sent an offer for 2 free movie tickets in the mail last week and wanted to make sure you got it.”
  • Pair with door-to-door sales
    “I’m going to be in your neighborhood next week providing some on-site quotes for your neighbors and wanted to see if there was a time I could drop by for 5 minutes to talk about how switching to solar can save you money and earn tax credits.”
number 1

Make it Sound Personalized

One of the reasons voicemail marketing is so effective is because it sounds and feels personalized.

Think of a voicemail you would leave an acquaintance. It would probably sound something like “Hi John, this is Caryl. We met a few weeks ago at the home show in Burkshire. I wanted to follow up with you and see if you were available to meet for a few minutes this week so we could go over solar options for your home.” In many cases, you can just drop the personalized name, and you have a personal-sounding message: “Hi, this is Caryl. We met a few weeks ago at the home show in Burkshire…”

In most cases, sounding like a personal connection instead of like a mass-marketer will increase your responses.


solar investor messages

Current Customers List

“Hi, this is Misty from Energy Solutions Solar. We’re having a customer appreciation event this Saturday at Hyde’s Park in Lindville and would love it if you could stop by! We will have catering from a few of the best food trucks in the area, lawn games, and bouncy houses for the kids. We’ll also be having a $500 Home Depot gift card giveaway. Drop by any time between 11 and 3:00, and bring the family! We hope to see you there! Have a great day.”

Target Location Lead List

“Hi, this is Shaun from Rayson Solar. I’m calling because I’m going to be in your neighborhood next week doing a few energy audits and roof scans. We’re offering two free movie tickets with a quick on-site, no-obligation quote, and I wanted to see if I could drop by for 5 or 10 minutes to give you yours. I still have some time free on Saturday afternoon if you’re available. Let me know if there’s a time that works best for you. You can text or call me at this number. Again, this is Shaun from Rayson Solar, 913555-9612. I look forward to talking with you soon!”

Home Show Lead List

“Hi, this is Sam from Peak Solar in Cadbury. We met at the home show a few weeks ago. We have a 20% off special running now through the end of August, and I wanted to see if you were ready to go ahead and get on our quote schedule. We’ll be in your area this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Let me know if there’s a day and time that works best for you and I’ll drop by! Just call or text me back at this number. I look forward to meeting with you again. Thanks so much!”

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