Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Does text message marketing work? In this article we discuss open rates, frequency, and messaging to maximize your text message marketing campaign.

Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Text message is one of the primary methods of communication for many Americans. While younger generations often get the rap for being ardent texters, 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cellphone activity even among older generations.

Because of the proclivity toward text messaging, many marketers are hopping on board to use this platform to reach their audiences.

But does text message marketing work? The short answer is “it depends.” Text message marketing is most effective when the text message list is opt-in, the message is well-written, it delivers high value to the reader, and provides a clear call to action.

Do People Open Marketing Text Messages?

Yes! Especially when they have opted in to receiving text messages. 80% of American adults text, making it the most common activity utilized on a cellphone. Of this 80%, the majority (82%) state they open every single text message they receive. However, in a high-quality opt-in list—one where you clearly requested direct permission to be able to send text messages to the individual—this percentage can be as high as 99%!

Aside from being opened, many smartphone users prefer text messaging as a primary communication method. In fact, in a survey conducted by, ¾ of respondents said they prefer receiving offers and business communications via text messaging compared to email.

What Works in Text Message Marketing?

When a client or contact opts in to receive text message updates, it’s important not to take their opt-in for granted. Be respectful of your contact’s time by providing thoughtful, high-quality information. Be informative, helpful, or offer them a special perk for being part of your text message community.

Here Are Some Tips for Making Your Text Message Marketing Work:

Provide Meaningful Content

One of the most important aspects of your text message marketing campaign is to ensure you are providing high-quality, useful content. Before sending a message, think about your current text message base. Is the information relevant? Timely? Will they find it helpful or informative? Is it something your audience will want to take action on? If you’re not sure, don’t send it.

Make Sure It's Well-Written

Too many companies get caught up in the character counts and let it negatively impact the quality of their text message. Text messaging has come a long way in the past decade. Most smartphone devices no longer have ultra-short character limits. This means (thankfully) that the shorthand once necessary to stay within character limits is no longer necessary.

Your readers are expecting a higher quality of messaging and grammar. That means you should take as much care writing your text message copy as you do with other advertising methods.

Be Respectful of Your Audience's Time

Sending too many low-quality text messages will lead to opt-outs or being blocked. Most cellphone owners say they would prefer to only receive on average 2 text messages from a business per month.

Offer Special Pricing, Discounts, or Specials

According to a recent Mobile Behavior Report, 77% of users opt-in to receive coupons or deals. This is one of the easiest ways to reinforce the benefit of being part of your text message marketing lists.

Be Helpful

Many mobile users also opt-in to text message marketing lists because they want to have access to more timely information or help. Check in with a new client to see if they have any questions about their product or service or touch base with previous customers to see how things are going and if there’s anything you can do to make their experience even more positive.

Respond Quickly

When you receive a text message from a client, it’s equally important to respond as quickly as possible. Consumers respond, on average, within 90 seconds—they expect the same speed in your response rate as well!

Make Something Convenient For Them

Does your service require regular appointments? Do you have upgrades or additional parts for a product or subscription? Think about what you can do to make your customer’s lives easier.

Whether that’s a quick text reminding them about an upcoming appointment, offering to schedule their next appointment over text, or providing an easy way to buy, text message marketing can work!

Final Thoughts

Not all text message marketing is created equal, but when it works it can be a significant value-add to your marketing plan. You can make text message marketing work for you by always using an opt-in list and by sending the high-quality content your contacts hope to see.

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