8 Reasons Real Estate Investors Love Ringless Voicemail Marketing

8 Reasons Real Estate Investors Love Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Ringless voicemail is one of the outbound marketing tools of choice for real estate investors, and it’s no wonder why!

We know that prospecting new homes for your business is one of the most important indicators for success in real estate investing. However, to maximize your business growth it’s important to minimize prospecting time while filling the funnel as much as possible.

Ringless voicemail is a great tool for prospecting new real estate investing leads. This is because you can reach a high volume of potential sellers with virtually no effort. Ringless voicemail messages tend to have very high open rates and higher engagement rates than many—if not all—outbound marketing techniques in the industry.

Why do Real Estate Investors Love Ringless Voicemail?

Below are some of the main reasons real estate investors love ringless voicemail for lead generation.

1 - It's Non-Disruptive

Cold-calling can be disruptive and can consequently start the relationship with potential buyers off on the wrong foot. Instead of interrupting your prospect’s day, a ringless voicemail is left on their mobile device without the phone ever ringing. This allows the recipient to listen to the message on their own time.

2 - You Have the Recipient's Full-Attention

While email marketing, direct mail, and lawn signs fight for attention against dozens of other distractions, with ringless voicemail, that’s not necessarily the case. Since voicemail messages are non-disruptive, that also means you’re not competing for your recipient’s attention from their personal lives. Instead, they choose to listen to the voicemail when it’s convenient for them, voluntarily giving your message their full attention.

3 - You Can Reach a Lot of People at Once

We know that with any outbound real estate investing campaign success is a numbers game. You can have the best list in the world, but if you only call a few contacts a day then it can be tedious and time-consuming to fill your pipeline. By using an automated ringless voicemail system, you can reach hundreds or thousands of users at the click of a button. This means more leads, faster.

4 - It Takes Minimal Effort

Automated ringless voicemail campaigns are simple to set up and maintain! You can send your first ringless voicemail campaign in as little as 10 minutes if you already have a contact list prepared. All it takes is recording a message—this can be done over the phone with Just Deliver It's ringless voicemail system—then selecting send times and clicking “send.”

5 - The Pricing is Affordable

Ringless voicemail is also very affordable, especially compared to many other outbound marketing methods. Many ringless voicemail campaigns start as low as $0.02/message and only charge for messages that are successfully delivered.

6 - Ringless Voicemail has a High Open Rate

Ringless voicemail has the highest open rate in the outbound marketing industry with a 92% open rate. Text messaging ranks second with an average 81% open rate. This makes it an incredibly effective way to get your message heard.

7 - The Messages Can Sound Personalized

Real estate investors love ringless voicemail because the messaging can so easily sound personalized. With the right messaging, your recipient can feel like you reached out to them personally. This can help the offer feel more genuine, accessible, and trustworthy than other outbound marketing methods.

8 - Ringless Voicemail is Effective!

With the right contact list and the right messaging, many real estate investors find the ringless voicemail can be a highly effective driver for conversions! Whether you’re looking for calls back, an email or text messaging opt-in, to warm leads for door-to-door knocking or other outbound marketing methods, or to complete some other funnel action (such as downloading an e-book or opting in to receive market updates), ringless voicemail drops can be an effective tool for real estate investors.

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