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Ringless Voicemail Solutions for Effective Insurance Marketing

Why RIngless Voicemail for Insurance Prospecting?

Prospecting is an important part of the insurance industry. Without reaching new contacts, it’s difficult for insurance agents to keep a steady stream of new clients for their services. However, compared to other industries the insurance industry has some of the strictest regulatory and compliance constraints for how they can market their products and services. This severely limits the ways insurance companies can reach new prospects.


Easy to Use

You can deliver voicemail messages to insurance prospects within minutes through the simple and intuitive Just Deliver It Ringless Voicemail System. Simply upload or generate a contact list, record your voicemail over the phone, and send!

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Fast Results

Voicemail has the highest open rate in the direct-to-consumer marketing industry. With a 92% open rate, clients are listening to your insurance marketing voicemails and giving you their undivided attention within hours of delivery.

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Ringless voicemail is an inexpensive automated marketing solution for insurance providers. Communication is as low as $0.02/message, and you’re only charged for voicemails that are successfully delivered to leads.

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How Does Just Deliver It’s Ringless Voicemail System Work?

Just Deliver it uses an intuitive online dashboard and simple software to make your automated insurance marketing solution as easy as possible.

  1. Upload or generate a contact list.
  2. Record your voicemail message using our simple recording software.
  3. Choose which phone number you’d like to show on the caller id.
  4. Set time and date preferences.
  5. Click send!

What is Ringless Voicemail Marketing?

Ringless voicemail marketing is a direct-to-consumer marketing technique that leaves voicemails on consumers’ phones without the phone ever ringing. This is effective because it is non-disruptive, meaning potential customers can listen to the voicemails on their own time. This also means that when they listen to the voicemail you will have their undivided attention.

Mobile phones are an integral communication method for most Americans. With 95% of American households owning at least one mobile phone, it is one of the most effective ways to deliver your message. Ringless voicemail does not actually use the wireless network. Instead, voicemails are dropped directly on the customer’s voicemail system, ensuring they never receive charges for receiving your voicemail message.


Voicemail marketing is extremely easy to use, reaching thousands of prospects at just the press of a button. Getting start is simple!

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