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Ringless Voicemail Marketing for Auto Dealerships

Simple & Effective Voicemail Marketing for Existing or Prospective Auto Buyers

Automated Ringless Voicemail Marketing for Auto Dealers

Just Deliver It Ringless Voicemail system lets auto dealerships reach existing or prospective auto buyers at the click of a button. Your selected list of contacts will receive a voicemail message dropped right into their voicemail inbox without their phone ever ringing.


92% Open Rate

Reach your customers on their preferred communication device. 95% of Americans own a mobile phone, and most carry it everywhere they go. Voicemail marketing messages have a 92% open rate which is the highest direct-to-consumer open rate in the marketing industry.

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Undivided Attention

Voicemail marketing never rings your prospective customer’s mobile phone; it simply drops the voicemail straight into their voicemail inbox and sends an alert. This means your prospective car buyer can listen to the voicemail on their own time, giving you their undivided attention.

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High Response Rate

Your car dealership can benefit from our culture’s standard of responding to voicemail messages. While some customers may call back without even listening to the voicemail, others will respond to an effectively-written voicemail with a clear call-to-action.

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How Does It Work?

Just Deliver It’s Ringless Voicemail system is simple and intuitive to use. Purchase credits through your online dashboard for as low as $0.02/message drop—you will only ever be charged for voicemails that are successfully delivered. To create your campaign, simply:

  1. Record your voicemail marketing message through our convenient over-the-phone recording system.
  2. Select or import your list of contacts. You can also use our list-building software to create a new list of contacts with demographics of your choice, such as location, age, credit score, homeownership status, and more.
  3. Choose your campaign settings such as which phone number you want to show up on the caller id and what days/times you’d like your voicemail message sent.
  4. Push send!

Effective Voicemail Marketing for Car Dealerships

Ringless voicemail drops are an effective way to reach new or existing leads, such as customers who are currently in your pipeline—those who have saved a car on your website, signed up for a special incentive or price alerts, came in for a test drive, or who have already purchased a car from your dealership.

It’s also an effective way to reach a new list of marketing contacts. Upload your own marketing list to reach new car-buying prospects.

Some effective voicemail message ideas for auto dealers may include:

check markPromoting upcoming sales or specials

check markAdvertising lease incentives

check markSharing price changes with your existing pipeline

check markNotifying buyers of new models or inventory

check markOffering test drive incentives or rewards

check markMarketing trade-in offers to existing customers


Ringless Voicemail is simple to get started and easy-to-use. Reach thousands of prospects at just a click of a button!

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